1,210,675 Patient Care Reports to Date and Counting....

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FIELDSAVER™ IS A NATIVE ANDROID APPLICATION WITH A WEB-BASED PORTAL AND HOSTED DATABASE that Fire Departments and Ambulance Providers use to document and share “on-scene” Pre-Hospital Patient Care Reports (PCRs)



✔ High quality documentation. Easy-Edit Narratives.
✔ Built-in data error logic
✔ FieldSaver adheres to the latest NEMSIS dataset (Note: we will seek NEMSIS Gold Compliance when NEMSIS 3.0 testing resumes)


✔ Automatic printing to any remote location using the Smartphone. Fleets of ambulances no longer need to return to base to sync reports.
✔ GUI designed for fast data entry. Button driven “color codes” are visual clues and guided for entering data.
✔ Sequential navigation guides data entry from Call Input thru Finalizing PCR.
✔ Existing Billing, CAD and FirstWatch™ Interface


✔ All FieldSaver software maintained automatically through “Cloud Services”. No IT burden.
✔ Android OS provides many hardware options (for years to come).
✔ Patented Technology. Many refinements gathered over our 10 years of field use by Fire Departments and responding agencies.

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Android Platform Support

Tablet and Smartphone devices are lower cost than ruggedized laptops/tuff books and easily provided and managed by your existing cellular carrier.

Provides platform support for next-generation mobile devices. Choose a device that best meets your field data collection needs.



“Always-On” Support

✔ 1-888 “always on” Help Desk for customers
✔ Customer-based trouble ticket support requests
✔ Live tutorials (webinars) available
✔ Downloadable self-teaching and training materials
✔ Comprehensive FAQs and documentation
✔ Customized Interface engineering services available