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Since 2002, FieldSaver has been used by first responding fire departments to collect pre-hospital patient care information at the trauma scene using hand-held mobile computing devices.

Anticipating the development and acceptance of mobile devices by EMS personnel early on, the company visioned a novel design to speed up data entry and collection. This design was submitted for patent review in 2001 and in 2010 was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7711581 covering the collection of patient data using mobile hand-held computing devices.

Meet the FieldSaver Management Team:




Drew, a Board certified EMS physician founded FieldSaver with the intention that a practical and useful tool was needed by Paramedics who needed to gather and transmit patient trauma information to the emergency room. He has been an EMS Base physician and EMS Regional Advisory Board member for 20 years. A visionary, yet pragmatic, health care professional who has worked extensively with paramedic/EMT crews to refine his product designs. His focus has been to combine the very latest in mobile hand-held computing technology with the most effective user interfaces to enable crews to quickly and accurately collect pre-hospital patient care data and produce the highest quality documentation.

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