SmartPhone ePCR

Why Our Technology is Unique and Provides Added Value

FieldSaver is the only patented system whose interface was designed for customized EMS data collection on handheld mobile devices which operate over secure VPN cellular, WiFi and WAN connections.  The FieldSaver system is a complete system implemented with Smartphone or Tablet PC devices which operate using both cellular and 802.11 transmission.  Our system promotes real time documentation based on the speed of our interface and the mobility of the Android mobile Operating System (OS).

FieldSaver is able to integrate with CAD to extract the following files
✔ Patient Data
✔ EMD Codes
✔ Etc.


First Responder/Ground Transport .
Documents Patient Data in ePCR and able to share intra-department and/or Inter-agency.



Ambulance/ Hospital ER
FieldSaver ePCR is able to be appended and sent to ED electronically or printed. Can be interfaced with 3rd party billing systems.





Public Health
FieldSaver able to be integrated into Hospital Resource Mgmt systems (if present) for

✔ real time patient
✔ tracking
✔ patient divert


EMS Repositories
FieldSaver able to be easily integrated into

✔ ED Registry
✔ Trauma Registry
✔ STEMI Registry
✔ Stroke Registry
✔ EMS Central Data
✔ Repositories

Key Features of Our System Design


FieldSaver Utilizes Cloud Services.
Handhelds can be updated whenever they are synched with your server that we maintain, which allows the system to be continuously upgraded and improved.  This service is included in our basic support agreement.



Patient Care Reports
Patient Care Reports can be transmitted to other FieldSaver handhelds via infrared and then printed out at the hospital.




Epidemiological Events
In the event of an epidemiological event or bioterrorism event (for example, SARS or a widespread epidemic), we can update the handhelds within 24 hours to collect whatever data your organization requires to respond to the threat/event. This service is also included in our basic support agreement.



Reviewing Patient Care Reports
Patient Care Report data review can be done from any Internet-connected PC; once a user is authenticated, our server leads them step-by-step through the review process.Users can run standard queries on the data, or construct their own ad-hoc queries.  Since every department has different chart processing needs and procedures, we can customize the website for each customer.This means that each department can now process allof their charts electronically; our software adapts to each department’s needs, not the other way around.  Each department will also be able to “send” their Patient Care Reports to a billing company or anywhere else they choose.We acknowledge that every department has special requests, and we can respond by not only giving each department a custom build of the handheld, but also a customized web-based interface.  This allows each department to process their charts electronically without compromise.

FieldSaver has established relationships with 3rd party vendors and systems integrators.

Our current integrations include:
    ✔ FirstWatch® Regional Surveillance Systems – Bidirectional data interface
    ✔ Zoll Billing System™
    ✔ CPU Billing System™
    ✔ ADPI™ Billing System
    ✔ Image Trend™ NEMSIS state data repositories
    ✔ Various EMS data system repositories and IT environments